The Boleys rock the Austin Music Scene

Ethan Boley is the eldest sibling and the main vocalist and guitarist for the band The Boleys. Emma Boley, the drummer, and Jovian Boley, the bassist, complete the band as a sibling powerhouse of rock music. They play all original songs and their style is influenced by bands like the Tool, Nirvana and the Beatles.

These three siblings in Austin, Tx. have made a unique name for themselves in the rock music scene. Ethan Boley, Emma Boley and Jovian Boley are originally from Florence, Tx. They premiered their first show in January 2015.

Since then they have played in many music venues in Austin, San Antonio, Houston and Ft. Worth. They were also invited to the Texas Rockfest during SXSW and played two amazing shows.

They create a playful rock vibe by layering instrumental sounds to build something truly spectacular and vibrant. With its characteristically young band members, they use playful lyrics and inventive chord structures to make this band refreshing to listen to in the rock scene.

The Boleys are currently on tour in Austin and will be performing their next show on April 29 at Texas Mist. You may purchase a ticket online at The Boleys website, and see the other tour venues in the Austin area.

Check out more o fThe Boleys below and refresh your inner rocker with this unique millennial band of musicians.’The Boleys’ have already overtaken the Austin area and continue to use their original music to inspire a new type of rock.