Blunt Force, DA$ and Krypteia Collective join music tech startups at Barracuda

Last Wednesday, the On Vinyl team came together after weeks of preparation for a major networking event that featured music tech startups, musicians and of course, live music.

The event was held at Barracuda, a live music venue and bar on Seventh Street. From the writers to the entrepreneurs, each scholar at On Vinyl Music poured themselves into guaranteeing a great night to each attendee. On Vinyl not only guaranteed a good time, but good pay for our deserving musical guests as well.

Local music generates impressive revenue annually and contributes to Austin’s aesthetic energy; On Vinyl needs to aid in keeping this consistent, which is why we charged a seemingly expensive 12 dollars for tickets. At first, convincing friends and family to drop more than ten dollars on a local show was exhausting. After all, Austin is the live music capital of the world — shouldn’t local shows be free? The answer is a resounding “No.” The only time a show should be free is when the artist is comfortable not getting paid. Fortunately, we were able to pull an incredibly supportive crowd that contributed to paying each musical ensemble 125 dollars! Together, we networked and boogied, while simultaneously enjoying three dollar ZiegenBock all night at Barracuda.

On Vinyl was happy to share the floor with other music tech start-ups such as, Spot Caller, Tip Cow and Synesthesia. Austin’s rap collective Heye Minds also made an impression on the night by selling tee-shirts and meeting local fans.

Spot Caller, the self-proclaimed “simple live music guide” is a free app that allows music enthusiasts to find live music of their preferred genre, wherever in the world they are. From London to Texas, Spot Caller provides an excellent blueprint for your ideal concert experience, leaving no live music junkie behind.

Tip Cow is a selfless, free app that allows crowds at concerts to tip whichever band they may be seeing at the time. Tip Cow is helping create a more financially conscious enviornment within the creative community in Austin.

Local Musicians often have a hard time finding and affording enticing visual media to support their live performances. Synesthesia is taking some pressure off of these local artists by using musical analysis to create visuals that perfectly match their sound and vibe. In other words, Synesthesia listens to the band’s sound, then uses code to create dazzling visual art that parallels their frequency.

As major networking opportunities blossomed, our musical guests prevailed. The Krypteia Collective took the stage at 10 p.m., getting the night started with some captivating rock n roll; whispers rolled through crowd while they effortlessly jammed, “this is actually really good!” Following the jam-band came two fraternity brothers shifting gears, determined to get our feet moving — DA$. DA$ mixed familiar tunes from artists like Kanye and Kendrick to get us dancing and capitalized on the positive energy that was already running course throughout the venue. DA$ was an appropriate opener for our outstanding and locally famous headliners Blunt Force. Blunt Force was a funky cherry on top of an already memorable night. The duo is composed of  Austinites Deniz Baykal and Brian Gustafson. Baykal smashed the consistent beat as he worked his body on the drums for two straight hours, pausing only for an occasional swig of his Lonestar tall boy. Gustafson turned tables, duped drops and blasted the bass with a contagious smile on his face for the entirety of their performance. The musical chemistry between the two is powerfully in sync. Our crowd got down and stayed down with Blunt Force. These young men are taking the future of electronic funk music and making is their own- they are trailblazers in an often repetitive genre; they owned the night and stole our hearts.

There are moments in my life where my ego dissolves from my material world, moments that serve only as a reminder that my life on earth is fleeting. In these moments I am not afraid nor worried, lost nor neglected. I am although, impressed with the goodness of reality — I am reminded why I live. Last Wednesday at Barracuda I experienced one of these “moments” for four hours. I was surrounded by curators, creators, lovers and leaders who want to change the world through innovation — and we are doing it.

Check out Max Montoya’s recap of the event here: