Weekly Staff Picks: Farewell Friends

This week, the On Vinyl staff said three heartbreaking goodbyes to some very influential men and women–revolutionaries that have helped accelerate our success and growth as a start up company. We watched two young entrepreneurs, Maddie Sheffer and Demi Young, make the moving life decision to righteously pursue other feats in their life. OV also bid farewell to “the man” himself, Mr. Alex Duck, co-founder and pioneer of OV.

This week we crafted a nostalgic, uplifting playlist by local artists that we proudly dedicate to our friends and to their new journey. Alex, Maddie and Demi–we know you have what it takes to change the world, and you will always have friends at On Vinyl Music. Cheers, babes!

Cara and Troy Bishop- “Voices”

Cara and Troy Bishop are 2/3 of Austin’s electric/hip hop trio The Bishops. Cara and Troy collaborated their talents and energy on the first track of the playlist to create a charming melody fused with Norah Jones-esque vocals. “Voices” is about hearing those little voices in your head that push and pull on your ego, and a reminder that shooting stars should always come before shoes and cars.

CAPYAC- “Movement Swallows Us” 

CAPYAC is one of Austin’s most popular dance music duos. With their last music video released by The Fader Magazine, CAPYAC is getting ready to expand regionally, and with persistent hard work- nationally. “Movement Swallows Us” is a more placid song, at least comparatively speaking to their usual heavy disco/funk sound. The song is about life’s constant movement and change–something Alex, Maddie and Demi are surely dealing with right now.

A/B- “Blacktop” and “Maroon”

Previously known as Chipper Jones, A to B is an instrumental outfit comprised of two young, handsome men cultivating a reverberation that could be paralleled with Tycho, cut with a rock n’ roll edge. These two instrumental tunes, “Blacktop” and “Maroon” are touching and introspective–something we all need to experience in times of change and confusion.


Missio has been flying under my radar for far too long, the duo has mastered alternative trance and put emphasis on the emotion that drives powerful music. “Nostolgia” is a windows down, arms out, eyes closed kind of song- truly inspiring and revitalizing.

Resonant Frequency- “Someday”

Resonant Frequency is a multi-dimensional jam band composed of three wildly talented Texas State students. They possess an epic and enticing sound that is overwhelmingly powerful. Their energy is colorful and open, Resonant Frequency is a testament to creativity in the Austin area. Listen to “Someday” to pour yourself into the riveting sound of these young men.

Henry and The Invisibles- “Equinox”

Alex Duck was the first person to encourage me to listen to the one man funk band Henry and The Invisibles. Henry has taken Austin by storm by impressing artists and consumers alike, convincing them that live DJ sets are a stunning force to be reckoned with. “Equinox” is a “phunky” soundtrack instrumental that can poison a foul mood within seconds of pushing play. Alex, Maddie, Demi–you are all as powerful and rare as an equinox.

Golden Dawn Arkestra- Stargazer

Golden Dawn Arkestra is one of Austin’s iconic alternative rock bands. The clan is an accessory this year at Levitation Fest at Carson Creek Ranch. They are evidence that with hard work, dream chasing and a little bit of star gazing your desires will be fulfilled. We hope that our friends use “Stargazer” as a tool for future success.

So once more we say to you, Alex, Maddie and Demi–best of luck. You are more important than your goodbyes; you have changed this company in ways we can’t thank you enough for! May your impact continue to rain on the spirits of those around you.

With love and joy,

On Vinyl Music