Month: March 2016

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OV Recommends: Bayonne’s debut album: Primitives

At first glance Roger Sellers may seem like a normal dude with a dope mustache and trendy sneakers. A guy who might be up to something artistic–something revolutionary. It’s uncommon to experience electronic music that is performed completely live, without the use of pre-recorded music. For live electronic music to be simultaneously well executed, is just as uncommon.

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Otis the Destroyer to release gritty, original EP at the Barracuda

Otis the Destroyer released their first EP Dark Arts in 2014. Since then, the band has continued to build a cohesive identity as a stellar rock n’ roll quad combo. The band members include Taylor Wilkins on guitar and vocals, Clennan Hyatt on drums, Kyle Robarge on bass and vocals and Anthony Rucci on guitar.