Month: March 2016

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Rebuttal: SXSW brings cash to the city of Austin

During SXSW, I used to be the frustrated local commuter trying to weave through miles of traffic to get downtown, angry that I had to pay an obscene $20 in parking, sad to see other human beings walking around like human billboards, and more than anything else, fucking disrespected by the pedicabs that think they have the conjoined rights of cars, pedestrians and cyclists. This year, my perspective has changed.

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OV Recommends: Euphoria Artist Deadeye

Finally–a Grateful Dead Tribute band that lives up to its name. Deadeye, founded by Joe Faulhaber and Shadd Scott in 2010 manages to properly pay tribute to the legends while still giving us a new, fresh energy. As of now, the band is composed of Lee Braverman, Faulhaber, Trevor Nealon, Scott, Keith Sennikoff and on occasion Devon McDermott.

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Free shows aren’t feeding starving artists

As we all know, Austin is the Live Music Capital of the World. Consequently, I feel like we have gotten progressively more spoiled when it comes to paying for the shows we go to. Free and cheap shows sound ideal to us as concert-goers, but in all actuality there is a serious lack of money going to the our local Austin musicians.

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Payton Long, Human Influence present OffTop’s private kickback

“It’s ‘cuz I got love for the homies, honestly.” That’s what Payton Long, producer, told me in his front yard Thursday night. I had asked him why he chose to host the party I had been at. Long was holding it at his own house here in Austin to promote Human Influence founder Chris Omenihu, member of the Always Proper hip-hop and art collective and the hip-hop community promotion app OffTop.

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4 reasons why Levitation Fest will be even better than last years

Previously known as Austin Psych Fest, Austin’s alternative music festival, Levitation, is back on April 29-May 1 for its eighth year at Carson Creek Ranch. Inspired by “The Free Festival Movement” of the 1960’s, The Reverberation Appreciation Society created the indie festival in 2008 in Austin. Levitation has since expanded internationally and pioneered a distinct psychedelic echo.