Month: March 2016

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Barracuda Music Tech Expo: Thank you, Austin!

When I competed in a national student entrepreneurship competition in Miami, one of my judges asked me, “What gets you out of bed every morning?”

The answer: My friends and family. My staff. My mission.

Luckily for me, my staff is made up of my friends, and I consider the whole lot of them part of my family. Luckily for me, I’ve somehow managed to impart a seemingly impossible mission to them: Sustain Austin’s local music scene by doing our part in making a difference in how music consumers view the city’s entertainment space.

Luckily for me, yesterday proved that making a change is possible and not as far out of reach as we all had thought.

Weekly Staff Picks: Farewell Friends

This week, the On Vinyl staff said three heartbreaking goodbyes to some very influential men and women–revolutionaries that have helped accelerate our success and growth as a start up company. We watched two young entrepreneurs, Maddie Sheffer and Demi Young, make the moving life decision to righteously pursue other feats in their life. OV also bid farewell to “the man” himself, Mr. Alex Duck, co-founder and pioneer of OV.