Paperback and friends to play at The Mohawk

Paperback, Vetter Kids, Leche and Schilling will play at The Mohawk on Feb. 24.

Whether you’re in the mood for the proud-punk style of Paperback, the grunge-rock appeal of Vetter Kids, Leche’s enthralling cowpunk bravado or the more mellow, shoegaze vibe of Schilling, it’s bound to be a good time.

If you’re unfamiliar with any of the artists above or just want to catch up with their latest work, look no further. Paperback’s recently released EP, Nervous Energyis a great way to get accustomed to their sound. Vetter Kids’ single, “Vital Kids,” can be found here (with a sound somewhat reminiscent of Surfer Blood; granted, with more thrash and edge). Leche’s bandcamp is full of tracks from their EP Drunk and LivelyAnd last, but not least, you can check out Schilling’s stuff here. I recommend “Good Beer” and “Cab Driver,” but “don’t open the door” has a, trippy, strange appeal.

The show starts at 8 p.m. and is open to all ages.