Month: February 2016

Weekly Staff Picks: Euphoria Playlist

The 5th Anniversary of Euphoria music and camping festival is taking place on April 7-10 at Carson Creek Ranch. The festival’s manifesto states that the music fest is “deeply enriched by the transformative effects of music and community.” This year, Euphoria has gathered an intriguing lineup of top-notch artists, including a handful of Austin’s finest.

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4 local bands to catch at Levitation

Prior to the beginning of this sentence, I was unaware that Levitation Fest was a thing. I was also unaware that pysch rock bands still thrive enough to warrant a festival. Well, I’m glad I got the memo. Because this festival is going to be, uhm, groovy? Anyway, here’s some local bands that will be getting wavy at Levitation (April 29–May 1) this year.

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Freddie Steady Krc sustains legacy through SteadyBoy Records

Singer, songwriter, guitarist, drummer, Texas Music Awards Hall-of-Famer and all around badass, Freddie Steady Krc has been influencing the Austin music scene for decades. He first arrived on the scene in the 1970s, when Texas was bursting with creative country songwriters like B.W. Stevenson and Michael Martin Murphey.

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OV Presents: Austin’s Best Drummers

What’s a band without a drummer? Well, speaking from experience, a lot less complicated, but more than anything it’s empty. Every band needs a drummer to beat the shit out of something and spend all of the band’s money on beer and gas station sandwiches. I play drums in an emo band, I can attest if the lead vocalist is the brains and heart of a band, the drummer is the heavily damaged liver. Here are some of Austin’s best drummers.