Coattails release self-titled album at Mohawk on Feb. 27

The self-described psych/blues/rock group Coattails is releasing their new full length 12 track self titled album Saturday at the Mohawk. There are a few reasons to attend: 1.Coattails album by Coattails.

If you look at those numbers and take the time to do the math, anyone who knows anything can figure out that there’s really no good reason to be among the unlucky absentees.

I spoke with Coattails drummer and producer Eitel Colberg Thursday morning and I asked him what the new album was all about.

“It’s the three years in development of Coattails not only as a band but a brand and an identity. Giving your music a genre definition is always very difficult for the musician. We put the self-titled label to say, like, “Oh, what does your band sound like? We sound like Coattails,” said Colberg.

Colberg told me that they’ve self-titled the album so that, looking back, somebody somewhere can listen and understand what Coattails was at that moment. Colberg used the phrase “time capsule” when he spoke to me, explaining that this group of songs will form their primary repertoire, and really encapsulates the band’s sound.

The album is really great, with some great technical instrumental work. After I heard the keyboard work on one of the tracks I really wished I knew someone else who had heard the damn thing so I could talk about it, and the same thing happened when I heard the dreamlike instrumental near the end of the album. This album really helps to establish the variability of the Coattails’ sound.

If you’re not at Mohawk this Saturday, you’re a fool.