Month: February 2016

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Coattails Release Party Rocks The Mohawk

Saturday’s Coattails release party was loud as hell, and as fun as it was loud. My photographer for that event, coworker Cody Mason, was also my ride there. Cody picked me up, NPR blaring, and we whipped down to the Mohawk for the night’s show. I shoved my earplugs in, shouted at the doorman for a while before either of us could understand the other, and finally we were let inside.

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#SUNDAZE: A Monthly Hip-Hop Showcase at Vulcan Gas Company

In an effort to create a safe space for hip-hop in Austin, Solstice Live is introducing SUNDAZE, a hip-hop monthly showcase at Vulcan Gas Company on the last Sunday of every month. The shows will include an open cypher, performances by local Austin hip-hop artists and a featured guest performance by a non-local artist each month. They’ve teamed up with sponsors from Human Influence, TurnT.V., Vulcan Gas Company and yours truly, On Vinyl Music.

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Casual Strangers Releases Second Album Pink Panther on Feb. 26

With the pressure of releasing a successful sophomore album, Casual Strangers ditched an almost complete set of tracks to move in a totally different direction. The result is an instrumental, psychedelic record that invites listeners to take the passenger seat through an introspective journey that is Pink Panther.