Say farewell to The Bare Feat and welcome Chief Perch at the North Door

It’s been awhile since I’ve visited the North Door, but my ears perked up when I was assigned to cover The Bare Feat’s final farewell show. The music club is located on the city’s East Side and on Jan. 22, 2016 the venue was packed with patrons and a seasoned list of local musical acts. The nights’ line-up included Waking Fable, Edison Chair and last but not least The Bare Feat. Although this was the final show for The Bare Feat have no fear because they are rebranding as Chief Perch and it will be exciting to see what comes with new changes.

“Every time we are featured in print our name is misspelled,” the members of Waking Fable proclaim as I chat with them before the show. This New York to Austin transplant will be opening the event tonight and I’m really enthusiastic to hear how they sound. The band is a conglomerate of musical talent with everyone participating on vocals and totaling five fervent members. Matt MacDonald introduces the band with him and Vinnie Fallico on guitar, Dan Cohen on saxophone, Moses Elias on bass and Jeff Edwards on drums.

When the group starts to play I’m immediately tossed into an ocean of music with the soulful notes coming from Cohen’s saxophone. MacDonald soon joins in with his powerful vocals as the rest of the ensemble begins to participate in the opening song. I personally recommend checking out Waking Fable’s lively single, “Old Souls,” on iTunes right now and getting your daily dose of local funk.

Edison Chair quickly followed Waking Fable’s dynamic performance. Like the previous band, Edison Chair is extremely vocal heavy and managed to keep the party going and the people dancing. Waking Fable and the Edison Chair are quite similar but think of Edison Chair as a little more rock oriented with some empowering female vocalists. The group has fun onstage and performs extremely well in sync but a member that really captured my attention was the keyboardist, Wes Ballew, from Austin, Texas. His notes took me on a groovy quest into a psychedelic land in my head that I will never forget. Make sure to jam to the music located on their Facebook page linked here.

Finally, The Bare Feat fill up the stage with barely any room to spare. This massive group contains nine members who bring refined, big band, horn funk to any stage they play on. The group has a great collection of covers and original songs that draw friends, family and fans right up close to center stage. It was hard to miss lead singer Ariel Herrera’s bright dress and robust voice as she belted out favorites such as, “Crazy,” by Gnarls Barkley and “Roses” by Outkast. I picked up their latest album, …And I, from the band’s merchandise table. Some of my favorite tracks are “Burn” and of course “And I.” The new Chief Perch will have a new sound and I feel I am not the only one excited for the band’s development as artists.