Month: January 2016

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OV Recommends: Austin’s best jazz clubs

“Where is the nearest jazz club?” is not a question you will hear regularly around the streets of Austin. In a musical market that is oversaturated with indie, rap and electronic, it is rejuvenating to hear some tastes yearn for a more antiquated form of music. This week, On Vinyl is hand selecting some of the best venues in the jazz scene.

Weekly staff picks: Broken resolutions playlist

“New Year, new me!” you say as you voraciously guzzle down that last glass of Carlo Rossi. Look, fucking up is an integral part of the new year. All of us collectively vibrating to the same self-destructing frequency. It’s not just you. It’s all of us. These new rules we attempt to abide by are born out of a place of failure. And what do we do when we fail? We listen to music that makes us feel worse than we already do. Oh wait, that’s just me? Anyway, here’s my Broken Resolutions Playlist.

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Retirement Home previews “Modern Planet”

Austin is known for its pop indie breakout bands, some of which are great, most others make me want to drive my car into the river. But Austin isn’t just kindling for the indie rock fire that burns within many young, bearded hearts. It breeds great music of all genres. Seeing as I have asserted myself as the authority on good punk and emo among the OV crew, I have to tell you about one of my favorite local emo acts, Retirement Home.

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New tracks hint a big year to come for DJ NOIICE

Noiice (Jackson Granger) is an emerging DJ producer in South Austin who also happens to be my old college roommate. I’ve watched Jackson go from self-taught sessions in the dorm room to playing with local duo Bames at Plush. Noiice has gone through countless trials and tribulations to get the recognition he deserves in the Austin club scene and the next chapter is coming soon.

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5 college bands to check out

There’s something exciting and unpredictable about college bands. They’re young, risk taking and ambitious with an infectious gleam of passion for music that makes us all want to root for them. Anyway, we want to shed light on some local college bands and musicians we like to listen to. You might recognize some of these from our 16 of ’16 article… Can you blame us?