OV Recommends: Blunt Force

Photo by Parker Neal

Blunt Force just may be the epitome of what Austin music has evolved into. Employing a unique blend of sounds, this future-funk, glitch-hop, livetronica duo has taken the local music scene by storm. Nationally, even. The band’s 2016 Winter Tour kicks off Jan. 29 here in Austin at Empire Control Room & Garage, where the guys will be preforming alongside Savoy and Crywolf.

St. Edward’s University alumni Brian Gustafson and Deniz Baykal (Blunt Force) answered a few questions about their unique music style, while providing some advice for aspiring college musicians.

OV: How would you say your music differs from other sample-driven electronic music?

BF: The entire concept of Blunt Force is to seamlessly blend multiple styles, whether it be in the studio or during a live performance. We feel what really sets us apart in our productions is the balance we are constantly striving to maintain between sampling, electronic synthesis and live instrumentation. Our live sets feature live guitar and drums, making Blunt Force a truly unique live electronic experience.

OV: Who do you think your music speaks to the loudest?

BF: We’d like to think our music has the ability to appeal to music fans across the spectrum. From hip hop heads to EDM fans to old school funk enthusiasts, we really don’t believe in limiting our music to just one specific audience. We want our music to travel as far and wide as possible.

OV: I see you guys actually met at St. Edward’s! What advice to do you have for aspiring college musicians?

BF: Oh man this is a tough one. We’d both say our biggest advice would be that no matter how much new music you’re making or how many shows you’re playing, is to not lose focus as a student. We both graduated this past December and had been waiting to go out on tour for about a year or so before that. So we definitely had the opportunity to cut out on school early and really try to just go for it as musicians. But we are so thankful that we kept working academically to get to the point where we can shift our entire focus to music. Once you get your degree that’s something that no one can ever take away from you. You’re dreams and aspirations will still be there for the taking when you graduate.

The Austin-based duo will be performing at Euphoria Fest (April 7-10) at Carson Creek Ranch. Celebrating it’s 5th anniversary, this camping and music festival should be one for the books. Mark your calendars, and go see these guys live!