MCG’s Outside EP drops January 30th


MCG has been doing their thing since Feb. 2015. When their debut, Compatible Creature, was, well, debuted, it was a blast. I got to see them at the Historic Scoot Inn, I’ve been talking about them in the weekly staff picks and now I’m fortunate enough to be talking about their newest release, the Outside EP. I also got to listen to some really great secret tracks that none of you guys get to hear (unless you also write for a music publication, in which case you might have heard them). These tracks were really a tease, and while I was left wanting, I wasn’t left complaining.

Their press release reads, “the maturity of the group is audible in the new recordings,” and I think that’s pretty evident. While their old work was certainly nothing to sneeze at, it was definitely a “first album.” It was apparent that while they had passion to spare, there was one little piece missing, some really important bit that hadn’t quite fallen into place. Part of this maturity is due to the maximized cohesion of the group. Where Compatible Creature was just the work of producer Lars Goransson and Gamble siblings Mariclaire and Evan, the whole band has since been assembled and fine tuned so that they may become what they are now: an electropop indie powerhouse. While Mariclaire’s lyrics may be told from the perspective of one woman, even a brief listen will reveal that MCG is a team.

Whether you’re a new fan like me or you’ve been following them since the very beginning, you’ll be excited to know that they’re releasing all their new music digitally and on 7″ vinyl Jan. 30 at the Empire Control Room & Garage. They’ll be playing a live show with Lou Rebecca, Mobley, and MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR. Be there or be square.