Born Again Virgins playing tonight at Cheer Ups

Are you seeking a free rock fix for tonight (1/26/2016)? Look no further than the Born Again Virgin’s show tonight at Cheer up Charlies with Think No Think and The Rare Birds.

This local four-piece is ready to open a Tuesday to remember with captivating and melodic guitar accompanied by thoughtful lyrics. Born Again Virgins also have a diverse musical flair that isn’t very prominent in a lot of Austin artists. They can go from a hard, grunge-like sound and then effortlessly change into emotional acoustic that warms the soul with a haunting impact.

Listen to their Bandcamp here.

Doors open at 9 p.m., and also did I mention it is free? If you want to accomplish some shopping, there will also be various vendors such as Gypsetter Traveling Boutique LLC and Yellow Elephant Clothing. This event is being hosted by the Glitter Tribe so make sure to get out there and watch this evening sparkle!