Bands That Met on Craigslist

Craigslist is a classified advertisement website. People have posted ads varying from wanting belly button lint, dwarfs for a canoe trip, live ducks for a party and some unmentionable acts. Maybe a more legitimate use of the website is to find band members (unless you’re really into belly button lint).

Here are a few of Austin’s finest that met (partially) on Craigslist.

Wild Child

Wild Child is the richest mix of pop and folk; a melodic mingling of violin, ukulele, cello, piano, bass, banjo and horns. They say their latest album Fools “takes sad stories and transforms them into an ebullient love letter to the power of music and the art of living with yourself.” This is abundantly apparent in songs like “Fools” and “Break Bones.”

Bee Caves

Bee Caves met their keyboard player on Craigslist. Their six-song debut album Animals With Religion is a poignant reminder of love lost layered over ethereal acoustics and electric guitars. The dramatic layering and slow build of “I Remember Now” is reminiscent of Texas band Explosions in the Sky.

Fair City Fire

Rock and roll band Fair City Fire brings the groove on their debut EP–Say It Loud.  The four members, Derik Kroeze, Brian Wolff, Brett Winning and Joe Valadez formed in July of 2014 and frequently play around Austin. After recording their EP in March of 2015, the band gained more attention and positive feedback. It’s easy to see why when you hear in-your-face songs like “Get It Right.”


Indie rock band Darkbird released their debut EP I Remember Feeling My Fingers Slip December of 2015. The EP showcases the best of gloomy chord progressions, and sincere lyricism sang with conviction. Your next chance to catch this band live is February 4th at Stay Gold.