Month: January 2016

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OV Recommends: Blunt Force

Photo by Parker Neal

Blunt Force just may be the epitome of what Austin music has evolved into. Employing a unique blend of sounds, this future-funk, glitch-hop, livetronica duo has taken the local music scene by storm. Nationally, even. The band’s 2016 Winter Tour kicks off Jan. 29 here in Austin at Empire Control Room & Garage, where the guys will be preforming alongside Savoy and Crywolf.

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Say farewell to The Bare Feat and welcome Chief Perch at the North Door

It’s been awhile since I’ve visited the North Door, but my ears perked up when I was assigned to cover The Bare Feat’s final farewell show. The music club is located on the city’s East Side and on Jan. 22, 2016 the venue was packed with patrons and a seasoned list of local musical acts. The nights’ line-up included Waking Fable, Edison Chair and last but not least The Bare Feat. Although this was the final show for The Bare Feat have no fear because they are rebranding as Chief Perch and it will be exciting to see what comes with new changes.

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OV Recommends: My Education

I certainly appreciate heavy instrumental dark ambience. In times of great stress or exhaustion, I can often find solace in my favorite album recorded by the Québécois Godspeed You! Black Emperor, or Edinburgh’s Boards of Canada. Similarly, when I am vexed, but the origin of my vexation is hidden, I often find an outlet for these murky emotions in these leaden instrumentalisms. My limited list of bands to turn to in times like these has just expanded with the addition of local ambient post-rock group My Education.

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South Lamar live music scene: Your top 5 spots

Sean Crooks, an Austin native, works at South Austin Music Shop, which will be celebrating their 30th anniversary in October. Located on S. Lamar, this establishment has seen the music scene evolve from a primarily blues town to a vibrant melody of sounds, ranging from punk to bluegrass to house music. Needless to say, Austin has seen it all.