OV’s best of the best from 2015

hikes band

Another year of music, festivals and fun in the “live music capital of the world.” In a city where there is always a show to see, picking favorites is not something I try to do. A music scene so iconic has produced some of the most influential artists spanning a myriad of different genres. Big names like Stevie Ray and Willie Nelson come to mind, but other influential bands like Spoon, Explosions in the Sky and the Gloria Record all call Austin home.

So, when a new album or song comes across my desk (which is also the passenger seat of my car), I can’t help but wonder if it’s the next album of the year, another hometown hero turned Grammy nominee. This is why On Vinyl does what we do — we foster the growth of artists, we work with them on the ground floor of their albums, we listen, we record. We write about this city’s lifeblood — the local music made by artists who are fueled by something far greater than the scene itself: the dream of playing music for the world, to have albums downloaded either legally or illegally, to have sold out shows, to be a part of an experience so simple yet so cathartic.

Music is what fuels this city. It is what fuels so many of us at On Vinyl. That is why I have scoured the internet for some of my favorite 2015 releases from some of Austin’s greatest bands.

Best Song of 2015 Award: “Drake Equation” by Opposite Day

opposite day album artWhat can I say about Opposite Day that could make them sound better than they already do? Nothing. Opposite day is a mathy progressive rock band from Austin. If you could imagine for a second what it would be like if Rush and Primus had a baby, well then that baby would be pretty cool, but not nearly as cool as Opposite Day. You can buy their albums here and check out their Facebook here.

Best Album of 2015 Award: Double Perfect by Sweet Talk

double perfect albumSweet Talk is a powerpop band with an epic ancestry. Members of Wiccans and The Uptown Bums came together to breathe life back into pop rock. Sweet Talk is an appropriate name, as their new album Double Perfect had me swooning almost instantly. If you have never heard of Sweet Talk before, think catchy riffs of yesteryear played by Cheap Trick, with a little Third Eye Blind post-grunge flair. If you haven’t heard of Cheap Trick or Third Eye blind, please go away from me. You can check their tour dates and albums here.

Best Artist of 2015 Award: Hikes

hikes albumAlright, I should have started with this: I can’t give any of these bands an “award” because I am so poor that ramen is a delicacy. But tangible awards are so 2014, so I give these from my big and wonderful heart. Hikes, if you are out there, listening, reading, watching, I want you to know that I love you. This austin folk/math/technical Mecca-nichal is so good I made up a word just now. They have released some great music and have accomplished quite a bit in the few years they have been around. Buy their stuff here.