John Wesley Coleman III to release latest album on vinyl

John Wesley Coleman III - On Vinyl Music

It’s not often you hear a musician refer to themselves as a “mystery pop honky tonk wizard” but that’s exactly what John Wesley Coleman III (who goes by Wes) will tell you. Wit and humor shine through in Wes’s music of analog slacker rock and you can feel it on his new album, Greatest Hits. The album, which was released last October by local label Super Secret Records, is titled Greatest Hits because each song sounds so incredibly different one would think he took each song from different albums throughout his life. Only, he didn’t, which makes us love him even more. The album will catch you off guard, but only in all the best ways.

Greatest Hits shows variety

It is pretty astounding how Wes managed to make every single song on Greatest Hits sound completely different. When we asked him about it, he said he wanted his listeners to feel like every song took them to a new place while on a big adventure. He wants it to feel like an hour vacation that you can listen to anytime of the day. Wes experienced a very transformative time; while writing the album, he took on his biggest challenge yet: fatherhood. Being a new dad to his daughter, Zoe, gave him an entire new set of emotions that re-inspired his music. The effect of these exciting new times reflect on the album through songs like “Sleepyhead” which was created as his version of a “not-normal rock lullaby.” Although Wes just came out with Greatest Hits, he told us he is looking forward to working on some more music to put out. After returning from a 10-day trip in the desert, he was able to come back having created 40-something songs he’d written with friends. Don’t let us down, Wes!

Vinyl release

If you’re not busy the day after Christmas (Dec. 26, 2015), hang out with Coleman at the “Secular Holiday Spectacular” where Greatest Hits will be released on vinyl! The family friendly event is free and will be at the Museum of Human Achievement with a variety show including local artists Aaron Blount of Knife in the Water and A. Sinclair. (We also heard Elvis Presley would be there and even some magic tricks! Now who could say no to that?)

“Tea and Sandwiches”

Check out John Wesley Coleman III’s winter video for “Tea and Sandwiches” below!