Austin’s best holiday albums

wild child christmas album

It’s the most wonderful time here at OV. A time for cheer, beer and gallons of eggnog. I barely had enough time to sleep off my Thanksgiving hangover before I was floored by a holiday that requires more time spent at home, which requires a little more rum than I would like to admit.

One of my favorite things about the holidays in the Capitol City though, isn’t the lights, the cold or Austin’s shimmering skyline — it’s the local bands that get together and put out Christmas tunes for everyone’s favorite holiday season


1: Roxy Roca’s It Ain’t Christmas Without You

Roxy Roca is one of Austin’s best known funk and soul bands. This eight piece jive behemoth is an eclectic amalgamation of everything good that came out of the southern blues, soul and funk music. They put out a Christmas single It Ain’t Christmas Without You, and it is everything I look for in a genre that often goes overlooked in the 21st century. The album also includes a B side with a track titled “Back Door Santa,” which is also a great track and titled appropriately (not for young ears.)  You can check out that single album here.

2: Quiet Company’s Winter Is Coming

Austin, Texas is the live music capitol of the world, this is a well-known and objective fact. Because of this, you get a lot of bands coming together to capitalize off of the city’s musical atmosphere. This produces a lot of copy-cat, same sounding indie bands, a vitriol that seems inescapable these past few years. That being said, Quiet Company is such a refreshing break away from a miasma that has plagued my city for years. This pop-rock four piece is known for their exhilarating live shows and unique sound. These guys also won the Rock Band of the Year Award at SXSW in 2014, an honor that made them a hot commodity in the Austin music scene. Recently, Quiet Company released a Christmas Album, Winter is Comingwhich you can download here.

3: Wild Child’s Christmas Mixtape Volume 1

Wild Child has been featured so many times here at OV you’d think they were paying us, but, they aren’t. They’re just that damn good. Wild Child put out this little number  recently, and it is everything we here at OV have come to love about Wild Child and more. The lilting vocal harmonies, the soft yet punchy melodies and a sound that has became a staple of Austin’s local scene.

4: Willie Nelson’s The Classic Christmas Album

No introduction needed for the world’s greatest outlaw. Willie Nelson is arguably one of Austin’s best known musicians and hometown heroes. His holiday release The Classic Christmas Album is a mixture of some of his singles and his entire 1979 album Pretty Paper that was recorded at Columbia Records. This record is everything Austin and everything Christmas wrapped up into one and crooned by everyone’s favorite gravelly voiced stoner grandpa.