artists for annie

Artists for Annie: Austin musicians give back

The benefit, Artists for Annie, held at Empire Control Room, included Austin rock bands, Geography, Same Veins, Matt Hines of The Eastern Sea, and a DJ set with Kelsey Wilson of Wild Child.

Stand out solo acts included Walker Lukens and Hailey Tuck. Lukens independently-released record, Devoted, is unpredictable and takes incredibly exciting turns. The first track, “Drunk Logic,” a piano ballad, is a soft start to this eclectic album.  “Kindle to Your Fire (Oprah Voice)”, is a pop-centric track featuring vocal loops and harmonic backing vocals reminiscent of Vampire Weekend. Tuck is bringing jazz back. With one verse, she seems to stop time while still sounding timeless. Tuck showcases her ingenuity through her cover of Bob Dylan’s, “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right.” 

Grand Child, Austin folk band, pulls at the heart strings. Their latest release, My Head Is in the Clouds,  features five lovable songs that highlight guitar, mandolin, and harmonies.  It’s comforting to see bands of such variety come together for a common purpose and makes me proud to be an Austenite!