Weekly staff picks: Dance your Thanksgiving turkey off

If you’re lethargically residing on your couch due to mass turkey consumption and want to rid your body of tryptophan, the amino acid that makes you feel this way, then this week’s playlist is what you need. This playlist is dedicated to dancing your Thanksgiving turkey off.

The playlist begins with Austin indietronica band, The Octopus Project. The upbeat synth and drum machine in “Whitby,” topped with band member Lauren Gurgiolo’s etherial voice, makes the track fun and moveable.

Next is “Blessed City,” the first track off of Stiletto Feels EP, The Big Fist. Their EP, released this month, is one of Austin’s freshest sounds. The band seamlessly fuses technical and classical instruments atop crunchy base lines.

Zorch, an Austin duo, creates frenetic, psychedelic tunes which have earned praise from The Flaming Lips’s Wayne Coyne. Their most popular track, “We All Die Young,” is a sanguine story with lyrics like, “What a day, let’s celebrate it. I want to feel elated!”

Shmu (Sam Chown), one half of the Zorch duo, released his second album, Shhh!!!!, this past October. The album is reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine through it’s use of densely layered sounds. “Pictionary,” a shoegaze anthem, centers around Shmu’s drum kit and sampler.

Spoon, one of the most famous bands to hail from Austin, Texas, is back with their eighth studio album They Want My Soul. For Spoon, the album is progressive, it’s a far cry from lo-fi albums like Transference. Yet, the reflective nature of the album’s lryics, breeds an aura of nostalgia. The pinnacle of this nostalgia being “Inside Out.”

The Ghost Wolves’s “I Got Money (Don’t You Fuck With Me) $,” are for those who define “dancing” as head banging. The band emits Rock & Roll in both melody and content. Carley Wolf, guitarist and vocalist, is backed by her husband, Jonathan, on the drums.

Electro-dance soul rock is Ghostland Observatory and “Sad Sad City” is a banger. This weekend at Barbarella, the crowd became exuberant and dancing ensued when the recognizable anthem blared through the speakers. It’s hard to deny your bodies instinct to move when the beat is as consistently good as Ghostland Observatory.

Roger Sellers, now known as Bayonne, is no ordinary DJ, he’s unique through the added element of live drumming and vocals. His mix, “Austin Remixed: ‘Sincere’” samples what sounds to be the famous bats under the South Congress Avenue Bridge.

Gary Clark Jr. is the kind of musician that makes Austinites proud. In “Don’t Owe You A Thang” Jr. sings, “Just me and this guitar baby, that’s all you get,” and I for one, am satisfied.

Bringing up the rear of this playlist is White Denim, a four piece experimental rock band. Their track “At Night in Dreams,” isn’t playing around. It opens with a heavy guitar riff and is anchored by loud, steady drums. This is your last chance to dance your Thanksgiving turkey off, don’t hesitate to dig in.