Warplanes Winter Ball to take place at Empire Control Room


What are you doing for Christmas this year? Mistletoe? Stockings? Arguing politics with parents? We’ve got a better idea: Stick around and head to one of the coolest events coming up next month: The Warplanes Winter Ball.

The Warplanes are an indie band from Austin that recently released a second EP titled EpigenesisThe band be playing with The Canvas People and Wonderbitch at the Empire Control Room on Dec. 12, 2015. Tickets can be found online or available for purchase at the door.

Patrons get half off door prices if they come dressed up in “the finest holiday regalia” according to the event’s office Facebook event page.

Empire Control Room & Garage is located at 606 E. 7th St. Performances are set to begin at 9 p.m with an afterparty performance featuring Mob Barley and The Sailors.