The Loneliest Man I Ever Met: Kinky Friedman returns with first album in over 40 years


Texas politician and musician Kinky Friedman released his first album in 40 years titled The Loneliest Man I Ever Met.

Kinky’s Back

Produced by Avenue A Records, an independent label from New York City, this full length 12-track album features a mix of not only great Americana covers like Willie Nelson’s “Bloody Mary Morning,” Johnny Cash’s “Pickin’ Time,” and Merle Haggard’s “Hungry Eyes,” but also some new Friedman originals, like “The Loneliest Man I Ever Met” and “Wild Man From Borneo.”

The Loneliest Man I Ever Met

The album is surprisingly sincere. One might expect abrasive sarcasm or raunchy lyrics, and to be fair there sure is some of that, one finds, instead of almost exclusive roughness, an assortment of heartfelt ballads. Friedman’s voice is evocative, pulling some heavy feelings out with the title song, a ballad about a man who really does seem to be the loneliest man in the world. He shows off some excellent rhythm guitar work and many of his tracks feature a weeping harmonica that manages to pair up beautifully with Friedman’s weathered but equally as charged voice.

The Loneliest Man I Ever Met is available for purchase from the Little Jewford official website, and for an extra $7, you can get it with Kinky Friedman’s very own autograph.