Reservations to perform in-store at End of an Ear


On the first Friday of Dec., End of an Ear will host the local band, Reservations, featuring an in-store performance. Reservations is a local three-piece made up of the vocals and songwriting of Jana Horn, the guitar of Paul Price and the booming rhythms of Jason Baczynski. Rumor has it on social media that Reservations will also be hosting a special guest on steel guitar. The show starts at 6 p.m., and if you haven’t seen them before, prepare yourself for a haunting show that stimulates both body and soul.

Attending this intimate show will give the opportunity to experience a surreal live act and accomplish some holiday shopping. You can buy the band’s 12″ vinyl, “Taking Time,” which hosts two tracks, “Planet” and “To be honest.” The cover art displayed on the vinyl both entices and warns you that giving the record a listen might bring on an intense session of reflection.

The only problem is the audience will not be able to view the band’s bold and dark music video that accompanies the song “Planet.” Horn’s airy yet down to earth voice complements the warm acoustic sound coming from Price. Baczynski brushes and taps aggressively along completing this holistic sound that is in high demand. There is a lot of art and expression coming from Reservations, and it will be very interesting to see where their talent takes them.

For those who do not know, End of an Ear is a record store in South Austin located at 2209 S. First St. Open since 2005, End of an Ear is the neighborhood’s reliable retailer for all things audio. They have a wide range of records and tapes, and it is very easy to get blissfully lost in the various selections. The establishment is open seven days a week and offers pretty competitive pricing compared to other shops around town.