OV gets political: On Vinyl Music hosts Electoral College Party

In the face of uncertainty and with the leadership of our nation perched precariously on the edge of a cliff — on one side reason and experience and the other a brackish swamp of bad hair and even worse policy — the On Vinyl Music staff did the only thing we know how to do well: throw one hell of a party.

This past Saturday, Nov. 14, we descended upon Rainey Street Hookah with a crowd of partygoers eager to express their support (or disdain) for our nation’s running candidates at our Electoral College Party. Armed with darts and enough liquor to kill me ten times over, the patrons of this political parade chose to destroy the ballooned faces of each candidate. They snapped photos at our debate booth, gave their opinions on policy, what they would do as president and were given the time tested moral conundrum of which candidates they would “Fuck, Marry, Kill,” by our staff editor, Arielle Avila.

All the while, music ebbed and flowed through a crowd of well-dressed up and equally messed up party goers on a perfectly cold November evening.

The Rainey Street stage was blessed by the Sons of Santos, The Real Hands, the premiere of Austin’s funky duo Fancy Pants and ended with OV friends Charles Mxxn and Payton Long, spinning everyone’s favorite party tracks well into the early morning.

Whether they were “Feeling the Bern” or “Pumped for Trump,” people found themselves draped in the energy of a crowd that would not quit. Someone crowd surfed to funk music, something I thought I would never see in my lifetime.

Something both debaucherous and magical happens when OV and Rainey Street Hookah get together, and the second time was exponentially better than the first.

Stay tuned for more events, more parties, and the best entertainment journalism Austin, Texas has to offer.

Photobooth photos can be found on our official Facebook page.