Human Influence takes over Tellers


Human Influence: a collective of artists, entrepreneurs and friends gathered at Tellers in downtown Austin for a night of music, comedy and good vibes.

The venue has an old, speakeasy vibe: a classy and tastefully antiquated monolith right near the infamous and notoriously not classy Dirty Sixth. Stepping into the bar is almost like stepping back in time: Tellers is an amalgamation of pop culture references and homages to the bars of yesteryear.

The rumors of an actual speakeasy being hidden behind a portrait of Elvis were confirmed later in the evening. Much to the bar’s chagrin and to the delight of everyone else, patrons filed in this secluded, empty wing of the bar and made it their own personal hideout, tucked away from the crowd, also devoid of any bartenders.

This relatively new two story venue housed some of Human Influence’s best DJs and artists, and I brought along some of my comic friends to lighten the mood. Amea and Ronnie Hall took over the upstairs stage, both putting out a soulful vibe that meandered its way through the crowd and demonstrating an incredible vocal range while figuratively and literally setting the upstairs stage for the night ahead.

Downstairs, a small, albeit dedicated group of party-goers were enjoying the comedic musings of some of Austin’s best comedians, Lee Perrin and Yusef Roach, two good friends of mine and very funny guys.

The music and comedy went back and forth for a while, and towards the end of the night two of Austin’s best DJs and OV friends Charles Mxxn and Payton Long took over the upstairs stage and at one point it seemed the venue was going to be heaved from its foundation.

Garment Haus was also there, selling their stylish and artful wares as the night carried on. Chris Omenihu, one of Human Influence’s talented leaders, made his way to the stage at the end of the evening for a few rendition’s of classic party tracks, including Drake’s lighthearted yet crushing “Hotline Bling.”

The evening was a success for most, a disappointment for some (mostly the bar) for reasons that will remain unknown, but a revelrous crowd and talented artists defined the success of the evening. A myriad of well-dressed guests made a crowd worth remembering and a night that some might have drunkenly forgotten.