OV Recommends: Sandbox sketch comedy with Rob Gagnon


Keep your eyes open, you just might miss it.

Packed tightly between two buildings sits the New Movement Theater. One of Austin’s premiere spots for improv and sketch comedy, The New Movement delivers a sense of organic, off-the-cuff type comedy with a true “comedy club” vibe. A stage, a microphone, lights, and an audience–from these seemingly innocuous ingredients, a level of unique hilarity is born. The New Movement is home to many different types of comedy: improv, sketch, stand-up, experimental. This place is truly a no-holds-barred arena for newcomers and comedy vets.

There is one show, however, that is growing in popularity, one that we have touched on briefly before: Sandbox.

Hosted by one of Austin’s comedy veterans, Rob Gagnon, Sandbox mixes improv, sketch comedy, and stand-up into an eclectic blend of performance art guaranteed to have you in tears by the end of the night (in a good way).

Remember to catch Sandbox every Tuesday at the New Movement Theatre at 9 p.m. If you’re lucky, you might even catch me there.