On Vinyl Music’s DJ Expo: Packing Rainey Hookah Bar with Some of Austin’s Best DJ’s

Meet the artists of On Vinyl Music’s official DJ Expo event 2015.


Up and coming DJ Charles Mxxn brings a fresh perspective to the Austin music scene. With seven years of experience working with music and currently holding a position as a sound engineer at Orb Studios, Mxxn has recently decided to start DJing on his own. His deep-sea and deep-space exploration inspirations emerge especially in some of his older tracks “Trippy Space” and “Planet Sunset,” and this theme of discovery still resonates in his more recent endeavors. Last seen playing at the Influence Humans party, Mxxn took the crowd out of this world with his experimental style that left people dancing on the roof.


Prodigy, producer and DJ Payton Long has an impressive track record that goes back eight years ago, his first show being at Kingdom when he was at the ripe age of 16. Since then he has stayed within the Austin city limits, now teaching at Dub Academy and collaborating with talent from all over. Over the years his style has matured from atmospheric and mellow and stretched to a more diverse range of sounds that contribute to the complexities of his music. Heavily influenced by jazz and hip-hop, Long tastefully mixes beats you wish your favorite rapper would sample.

Check out a recent track Long worked on with fellow performing DJ, Charles Mxxn:

Dj Noiice

From the deep, dark underground scene that is house music, DJ NOIICE emerges from the shadows bringing us energy that carefully balances heavy basslines with ethereal mixes. The result is trap-inspired music alluding to some of the best pop music that at the very least, calls for some serious head bobbing.

Around for some time now, NOIICE has experience ranging from boat parties to basement clubs on dirty sixth. For just over a year now, NOIICE, along with Bames and Sharawi, plays every first Wednesday at Barcelona for Spectrum – a night dedicated to promoting local DJs of all kinds.

NOIICE takes Ariana Grande’s top hit One Last Time and transforms it into a turn-up banger:

All under one roof (or in this case, on top of one), On Vinyl is excited to host our first event at Rainey Hookah Bar and Lounge this weekend with these talented artists, along with Casual T.

The event welcomes three passion project vendors: HypeHop, (hueman)DNA, and Human Influence.

The event will also feature a Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament open to all attendees for a $5 entry fee.

Cover: Minors (18-20): $5-before-$10-at-the-door / Adults (21+): FREE

Location: Rainey Hookah Lounge (84 N I-35 Frontage Rd #201  Austin, TX 78701)