Dreamboat releases inaugural EP at Sahara Lounge

Dreamboat Strong Legs EP

Soulful five-piece Austin powerhouse Dreamboat premiered their Strong Legs EP, last night Oct. 15, 2015 at Sahara Lounge, a place they call their favorite “east side haven.”

Celebrating the EP release with them at the warmly nostalgic and dancey Sahara Lounge was an eclectic lineup of performers including Kill Country and Berlin-style country artist Toby Stock.


Dreamboat floats heavily through the local music scene in Austin with a strong resume, having previously performed at events such as West Campus Block Party and Ditch the Fest Fest at Empire Control Room & Garage. The band has partied at central Austin venues such as the much-missed Holy Mountain stage and the very lively Lambert’s stage; local friends who have appeared on the same power rosters include Magna Carda and CAPYAC.

EP Release: Strong Legs

Strong Legs has one swimming through five songs including a lighthearted but surprisingly robust title track, a folky track titled “Whoa Ho Ho” which has a chorus that leads you through a Mac Demarco-influenced dream book and a softly melodic track called “Hotel Song.”

Dreamboat’s EP is available for download through Bandcamp.