Barbarella’s “Emo Night”: No Fear, Just Tears And Beers

Barbarella’s in Austin, a bar known for its awesome vibe, great drink specials, and the always interesting themed nights. Tonight, Barbarella’s will be hosting its monthly “emo night” also known as Tears and Beers. This event plays all those songs you forgot about from high school, and then some. From 9-3, Barb’s is one big nostalgic sing along, a blast from the past in black jeans and Buddy Holly sunglasses. And the spectrum of songs is just as diverse as the people who show up for tears and beer. Like old Weezer? This is the place for you. Maybe a little more obscure? American Football? Cap’n Jazz? There’s something for everyone, and your teenage dirtbag is guaranteed to come out.

Started a few months ago, emo night is just one of many themed nights at Barbarella’s. The bar has a main dance floor, and is surrounded by TVs, so not only can you sing along to all your favorite angsty jams, you can watch the tragic horror of the early 2000s music video world unfold right before your very own blackened mascara eyes.

I’ve been three times, and each time this place delivers a warm and friendly vibe. Everyone is in it together, locking shoulder to shoulder and shouting the songs that struck a chord in each and every one of us at some point in our lives. You can either watch and sing along from afar, or you can get in the mix and maybe even catch a crowd surfer or two. So tell all your friends!

Come to Barbarella’s TONIGHT, Wednesday October 7th at 9:00 P.M. 611 Red River Austin, TX.