Whiskey Shivers and Wood & Wire take over Historic Scoot Inn: Bluegrass electrifies Austin’s east side

Historic Scoot Inn, packed from wall to wall last night with concert goers, who filled the air with nothing but excitement, four dollar Lone Star sweat and a haze of cigarette smoke (and not your hippie American Spirits either.)

Almost right away, the sharped dressed quartet of Wood and Wire opened the show with a blazin’ bluegrass sound that gave me a warm reminder that I actually still live in a Texas town. Early in the set, the Wood and Wire boys called their well known tune from their most recent Feb. album release, The Coast, called Dancin’ on My Grave. Even though room was limited in front of the packed Scoot Inn outside stage, there was no shortage of foot stompin’ and hand clappin’. They threw in an array of covers in between the crowd favorite originals. They gave tribute to some classic bluegrass artists as well as performing a refreshing rendition of Mungo Jerry’s “In the Summer Time.”

These bluegrass aficionados come from all over the country, but came together playing bluegrass jams at ATX’s own Flipnotics Coffee shop. Bassist Dom Fisher along with guitarist Tony Kamel started this powerhouse group that exploded into the Austin Bluegrass scene in 2011, and have been unstoppable ever since, appearing on huge stages like Austin City Limits Music Festival, Old Settlers Music Festival and Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival.

If Wood and Wire is your 1864 bottle of scotch, then Whiskey Shivers is your plastic jug of moonshine, both equally capable of starting a party. One of the biggest success stories out of Austin, these ATX  bad boys took no time kicking the audience in the teeth with their breakneck-speed bluegrass. Lead singer and fiddle player Bobby Fitzgerald, sweaty and sleeveless, and rocking a pristine mullet, electrified Scoot Inn with his high-energy vocals and precision fiddle playing. Whiskey Shivers, although country looking boys, bring the energy of a punk rock band that you would otherwise find somewhere like Beerland or Parish. I have never been so inclined to push someone next to me or start a mosh pit, when watching people play fiddles, a washboard and a banjo. You heard from me first you punk rockers, you don’t need giant guitar amps, and distortion to go crazy and hit people. Whiskey Shivers will be the band to bring bluegrass out of the coffee shops and dive bars and onto the worlds biggest stages.

Buy Wood and Wire’s album “The Coast” HERE.

Buy Whiskey Shivers Self Named Album HERE.

Photos by: Alex Duck