Pecan Street Fest turns Austin’s Dirty 6th Street into vibrant weekend festival

When anyone brings up 6th street, flashbacks to regretful nights followed by mornings of headaches are typically all that comes to mind.

However, twice a year Dirty 6th is transformed into a less chaotic, more respectable street festival. Pecan Street Festival commemorates the history of 6th street – formerly Pecan Street – as well as celebrates the diversity of art and talent that Austin has to offer. The stumbling drunks by night are replaced by families during the day. The street is filled to the brim with food vendors, artist booths and of course, stages of local Austin bands. The Everfest, Red River and Trinity stages hosted an eclectic mix of musical acts finely tuned to cater to all types of Austinites: from punk-rock to hip-hop to Latin style music.

Sunday, I was able to catch a couple acts in between enjoying Texas Corny Dogs and turkey legs and fried everything. The afternoon started off on a slow note at the Red River stage with My Education and their post-rock jams. Song after song was driven with a mellow energy and psychedelic, punk rock influence. Their performance was anything but what’s expected from the rowdy sixth street we all know and love, turning out to be a listening experience brushing right on the line of soothing and somber.

Afterwards, I made my way through the crowd to the Red River stage to see Flavor Raid and one of my personal favorites, Magna Carda. The Flavor Raid duo served an upbeat show of EDM music – the type of music more common to this side of town. The hyped mixes and electric-pop sounds brought out moves I would only bust out at Barbarella’s (which was fittingly on the same block within eyesight).

Following Flavor Raid, Magna Carda graced the Red River stage. As always, their performance was full of energy and resonated throughout the crowd. Being one of Austin’s best hip-hop groups, a lot is expected of the young artists, and they seem to consistently exceed that expectation. With their dynamic beats and smooth flow, Magna Carda brought Pecan Street Festival to a close on a solid high note.

Check out the video recap of Pecan Fest by On Vinyl Music Staff Writer: Maddie Sheffer.