OV Recommends: Joyce Manor on Sept. 30 at The Mohawk

Joyce Manor - Transmission Events - The Mohawk

With summer coming to a close and the fall music festival season approaching, there are a number of shows that I, and the rest of us at On Vinyl, would recommend you do not miss. One of Austin’s foremost venues, The Mohawk, always brings an eclectic and diverse range of musical artists.

For a long time, Austin, and more specifically the Mohawk, has been a safe haven for alternative artists of every genre. The punk and hardcore scene in Austin is growing exponentially, and this surge of youthful angst and the culture that surrounds it owes its popularity to the diverse history of punk bands and alternative artists that have made Austin their home away from home.

On Sept. 30, one of California’s best new punk bands of the last decade, Joyce Manor, will be gracing The Mohawk stage along with Cheap Girls from Michigan singer/songwriter Jason Anderson’s new experiment tracks and an all-girl punk band by the name of Cayetana.

On this tour, Joyce Manor is promoting their most recent record, “Never Hungover Again an album fueled by Manor’s beautifully juxtaposed punk style and often melancholy lyrics. Cheap Girls also recently put out a new album in May that they are currently touring titled Famous Graves which is bringing new life to the indie rock scene.

Joyce Manor’s shows are known for their friendly energy and sing-a-long choruses. If you find yourself at the show, I’ll be the guy fighting to yell into the back-up vocalist’s mic.

Stay-tuned for a follow-up review of Transmission‘s Joyce Manor show at The Mohawk. Tickets available online via The Mohawk.