Fun Fun Fun Fest releases 2015 lineup

Fun Fun Fun Fest Lineup 2015

Those of you not in the know, FUN FUN FUN Fest has been Austin’s premiere alternative comedy, media, and music fest for the last decade. Hosting great comics like Sarah Silverman, Extreme Sports gods like Matt Hoffman, and a massive array of musicians: everybody from MGMT to Slayer, Black Flag and Flying Lotus have graced the FFF Fest stage. This year, they’re really looking to outdo themselves. Transmission Events, the events team that gathers all these phenomenal artists, have managed to reign in some big names in music, and I’m here to fill you in on the details.

 On the Blue Stage (or the hip hop, rap, and triphop stage) we have the Gods of Rap, the masters of hip­hop: Wu­Tang Clan. After two decades of music, these guys are still going strong and holding onto their title as reigning champs of the old­school rap scene. Also gracing the stage are new comers like Rae Sremmurd, which many of you know from the backyard party track “ No Type” and Pro­ Era member Joey­Bada$$. The rowdy and equally talented Schoolboy Q will also be there, and I’m going to have a hard time bouncing back and forth between stages to catch all of these guys.

The Orange Stage: Full of the rock n’ roll gods of many genres. Headlining is Jane’s Addiction, your mom’s favorite rock band and a great group over all. CHVRCHES and Future Islands will also be there, alongside your dad’s favorite rock band Cheap Trick. Chillwave lord, Toro y Moi, will also be gracing the stage. I am most excited for the masters of the emo movement, American Football, to play.

Catch me in tears near the stage on the White Stage, or Black Stage: the metal and punk and… everything else stage. Metal wizards Venom will be there for all of your headbanging glory, along with the only reunion show of the old school punk band Dag Nasty. For all of you pop punk fans, Coheed and Cambria and Title Fight will also be on stage, along with Desparacidos, Drive Like Jehu, and La Dispute. I have no idea how they plan on separating the metal kids from the emos of the group, but I’ll be bouncing back and forth trying not to get wailed on.

If you aren’t going this year, you’re missing out heavily. Check back on On Vinyl for the Yellow Stage announcements.

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