On Vinyl Music presents: Wolf of Wall Street Boat Party 2015

New York City Queens

The wait is over, and the time has finally come. After months of rigorous planning, preparation, deep-breathing exercises and praying to all of our respective deities to forgive us for our impending debauchery, the launching of On Vinyl Music is finally here. I myself can think of no other way to kick off this awesome start up than to hop on a boat with my best friends, 4 great bands, and a millennium’s worth of beer and liquor.

Speaking of bands, the acts that we have prepared come in all shapes, sizes, genres, and styles. Our opening act, Interrobang, is a 5-piece brass band hailing from the University of Texas (don’t hold it against them). They pack one hell of a jazzy punch, with a combination of original jams and jazzified pop tunes. Their New Orleans style of jazz band jams will be gracing the boat party stage first, and they are guaranteed to start the show off in a way that no other band could.

Next on the roster is Chakra, a hip-hop artist whose energy on stage is only matched by the intensity of his music.  Taking influences from hip-hop greats like MF DOOM and Death Grips, his style of rapping coupled with his energetic and experimental beats will surely leave our fellow boat brethren shouting for an encore.

Toast Party - On Vinyl Music - Launch Party 2015
Toast Party – On Vinyl Music Launch Party 2015 Photoshoot

Third, we have Boat Party Band Alumni,  Toast Party. A band that we all know and love, a band that I never ever get tired of seeing live. Hailing from Austin, Texas, Toast Party combines aggressive punk riffs with an ambient, shoegazey tone. These guys will play a garage like a stadium, a backyard like a festival, and have tons of shows coming up soon. Their EP “Ghosts” can be found on Bandcamp, and if you aren’t listening now, what the hell are you doing?

Now, its come down to our headliner; New York City Queens. This 5-piece from Houston, Texas has played all over the country, from Austin, Texas to New York City, taking influence from Rock N Roll greats like the Strokes, New York City Queens puts on an indescribable show. They have truly perfected their crafts as musicians, and they never disappoint.

With a stacked line-up, a full sold out house, good drinks, good food, and great friends, The On Vinyl Boat Party is set to be one of the best shows in Austin of 2015. I’ll be hosting, cracking jokes, and trying  (but not too hard) to not make a full ass of myself. I’ll see you on the boat!