On Vinyl Music presents: Wolf of Wall Street Boat Party 2015

Here it comes and there it went. The On Vinyl Music 2015 Boat Party was exactly what we wanted it to be. Even after artist cancellations, and God’s adamant desire to rain us the hell out, we managed to pull it off. It all started with a simple pre-party; an extravagant (yet not at all decadent) romp through the debaucherous Catalina house. An ocean of Everclear and one keg of Lonestar later, we all awoke, a little less than bright eyed and bushy-tailed at the ripe hour of 9 a.m. The clock ticked, and ran too quickly for my mind to simply comprehend, and 10 a.m. came quicker than what I thought possible.

After a few phone calls and one car ride later, I found myself loading all the day’s booze into two party busses packed with over eighty rowdy and rambunctious young adults, ready to set sail on the S.S. “Large-Marge Party Barge.” A pink party boat designed specifically for our purpose; to engage in the revelry of the On Vinyl Launch, and the long awaited Boat Extravaganza. Once we set sail on our excursion, myself and my lovely (much more easy on the eyes) co-host Andrea Torres opened with some jokes and introductions, and the boys from Interrobang carried us all the way to the island with their soulful and energetic musical prowess.

Photo by: Alex Soybel
Photo by: Alex Soybel

After what seemed like a heavenly musical eternity, we docked on the island. Interrobang closed with some poppy and New Orleans laden covers, and we were ready for the second band, Toast Party. After one song, lead guitarist and vocalist Jake Laporte’s last string broke, but that didn’t stop these guys from putting on one hell of a show. Never letting up, these guys delivered a set that rocked to every shore of Lake Travis, chock full of bad-ass songs from their newest EP “Ghosts,”and ending with their all-time fan favorite rock n’ roll cover of “Jolene” by Dolly Parton. Thirdly, we were graced with one hell of a superstar, a member of Drake’s O.V.O record label, and renowned producer DJ Eric Dingus, who had the boat bumping until we set sail from our island of ruckus and frivolity.

On the way back, we had a guest appearance, an unplanned, (yet somehow hilarious) comedy set from yours truly, supported and carried by the boys from Interrobang. A few jokes and beers later, our revelrous trip came to a wondrous and celebratory close. To all of those who made this possible, On Vinyl thanks you.  On Vinyl will be here next year bringing you the best in entertainment news, and also one hell of a great 2016 Boat Party.

Sincerely yours,

Jake Rhodes and the On Vinyl Music Staff

Enjoy the official recap video produced by On Vinyl staff writerAndrew Duna and the photos taken by Alex Soybel (full photo album here).